What are people saying about Cuddle Crate?

*In April of 2016 we officially changed our name to Cuddle Crate. Any reviews published prior to April 2016 will refer to us by our previous name, ‘Pet Pakz’.

My Subscription Addiction- 

Verdict: I calculated a value of $33.81 for the February Cuddle Crate for cats box.  That is above the cost of the box for a month-to-month subscription […] I thought the number and variety of toys were great and my cats enjoyed them (and the treats) as well! This was a good month for us from Cuddle Crate.” -February 2017 review 

*My Subscription Addiction does a monthly review of a bronze cat Cuddle Crate box*

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Wo0f & Whiskers- 

“Cuddle Crate is awesome if you have multiple types of pets in your home, as you can get toys for everyone in one easy delivery! Perfect if you have a tiny dog and a large dog, a dog and a cat, etc.”

“All things considered, we received a lot of great toys in our Gold-level Cuddle Crate that are keeping my dogs happy! I think any pet owner would find a Cuddle Crate to be well worth the cost, especially if they have multiple pet types and wanted to get an “all-in-one” box that has something for all their pets.”







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Paw Print Pet Blog- 

“The most unique thing about Pet Pakz is that it allows you to order a box for multiple pets and, unlike most of the boxes we’ve reviewed, Pet Pakz doesn’t cater just to cats and dogs.  Besides being able to receive goodies for 4 dog size groups (tiny, small, medium, and large) and/or cats, you can also opt to get stuff for gerbils/hamsters, or rabbits/guinea pigs! […] Pet Pakz has a grain free option if that’s something you’re interested in.  You can have your Pet Pakz delivered every month, which seems to be the norm with subscription boxes, or every other month.”

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Toast Pop-

“Pet Pakz is a very unique monthly subscription box that offers the best of the best when it comes to giving your four legged friend a fresh new supply of treats and toys.[…] The box was filled with a variety of treats and toys. The treats were all healthy and actually beneficial for Zippy Doo to eat. It’s not often that you find a company that is concerned with the safety and well being of their customers, but Pet Pakz has taken the time to find products that will better the lives of the animals that receive them. The toys were a big added bonus and they are both durable and have stood the initial chew test of our hyper Jack Russell.

They even included thoughtful information on the products in the box so that pet owners can be as informed as possible about the products that they allow their animals to come into contact with. One thing that really stood out to me is the level of professionalism that this box has in it. Everything from the fantastic customer service at their website to the detailed letter inside the box lets me know that this is the box that I want for my pet.”

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Facebook Reviews!

“All three of my dogs gave 5 stars! They know when I put the box on the bed what it is and they start going crazy!From our friends on Instagram!” -Dawn Poage Geerlings (5 out of 5 stars)

“We have been subscribers for over 6 months. Our dogs and cats actually recognize the box and go crazy when they see it. Great selection of high quality toys and treats every month! Highly recommend! Great customer service.” -Lisa Hall (5 out of 5 stars)

“These come with toys and treats that my dogs love! They can’t wait to dig into the box of goodies each time it comes!!!!” -Jami Miller (5 out of 5 starts)

From our friends on Instagram!

These antlers are the best thing from the #petpakz this month. We dove right in for those first”

Aspen is enjoying one of the antlers in our August#petpakz The pups got each an antler, two stuffed toys , and a bag of treats (we think we can share with@bonita_the_golden_retriever those treats maybe) There was also some stuff not for us (bunny & kitty)”


Happy happy puppy!!”


Ooooh yah that hits the spot… Hit that itch just right. This #petpakzis great besides the cool stuff inside 😊. You will see all the cool stuff it included for all of us pets in another post but I got some awesome treats & two toys (the duck drives mommy crazy”

Jellybean is having brunch & enjoying his items from our July #petpakz💕. His items he received are Kaytee Yogurt chips, farmers Market barbell , critter toys roll-n-corn, & carnival Crops braided chews.”



“We also got our @petpakz in the mail! so many fun rousing could play with and yummy kong treats!”


Sebastian loved all the toys and treats in our @petpakz the cats got 3 things and so did the dogs so 6 items total that added up to over a 40 dollar value the dogs were so excited”

Deja checking out all the goodies in the pups and cats @petpakzwhat a wonderful surprise it was to see an antler and all the other goodies we got. The dogs loved the toy they faught over it for a good hour before they managed to tear the stuffing out my #toydestroyers

I was surprised to see an antler in the box. The dogs will certainly be fighting over that. We loved our petpakz box came with lots of goodies for the fur babies.”


Have you ever heard of@petpakz ? They are the most customized pet supply subscription service yet!! You get to mix and match different pet types for a silver and gold membership. They aren’t just for dogs and cats but also for small animals. All of the cat and dog treats are made in the USA.”


Bama got his first #petpakz and he loves it!!!!”


“Look what I got in this month’s @petpakz!💓 I loved everything in it. The toys are adorable and the treats are good.”

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