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Want to keep your dog’s teeth healthy? Get your pet’s natural dog chew products from Perfect Pet Chews. Our dog chew products are made out of antlers and give your pets all-natural nutrients as well as calcium.

Each of our products is made from genuine antlers that were naturally shed during the year. The edges of our products are smooth so that it doesn’t damage your pet’s mouth while they enjoy their treat.

  • No dyes or chemicals 

  • No offensive odor

  • Your dogs won’t leave shards of the antler

  • Healthy for your pets’ teeth and gums

  • Longer lasting 

  • Made from genuine antlers (naturally shed) 

Mini = thin and less than 5″ (Good for small/tiny breed dogs, 15 lbs. and under)

Small = 4″-8″ and thin (Good for small/medium breed dogs 15-35lbs.)

Medium = 5″-7″ thicker (Good for medium/large breed dogs over 30-50lbs)

Large = 7″-10″ (Good for larger breed dogs over 50lbs)

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