How it works

Cuddle Crate is the most personal pet supply subscription available! We offer three different membership sizes, seven different categories of pets, two subscription options, premium add-on options, and unlimited possible combinations! Let us help you build your perfect Cuddle Crate!

Step One: Choose Membership Type!

Choose from three different membership types. Bronze, Silver, and Gold! Bronze Cuddle Crate members will receive 4-5 products for one type of pet. Silver Cuddle Crate members will receive 6-8 products total for up to two different types of pets! Gold Cuddle Crate members include 9+ products total for up to three different types of pets!

Step Two: Choose Pet Types!

What type of pets do you have and want your Cuddle Crate to be catered towards? Bronze members can select one type of pet, silver members can select up to two types of pet and gold members can select up to three types of pets! We currently offer Cuddle Crates for tiny, small, medium, and large breed dogs, cats, and two sizes of small animals (gerbil/hamster & rabbit/guinea pig)! In this step you will also be able to choose whether or not you would like corn, soy, and wheat free cat/dog treats!

Step Three: Subscription Type!

Lastly, would you like to receive your Cuddle Crate monthly, or every other month? If you select the Bi-Monthly option, you will receive a Cuddle Crate and be billed every other month! If you select the monthly option you will also have the chance to select between a 1, 3, 6, or 12 month plan! Get billed monthly or pay a few months in advance for BIG discounts to save money! Save up to 34% with plans as low as $19/crate!

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What now?

  • Sit back, relax, and wait for your Cuddle Crate to ship! Did you receive a product that your pet just simply cant live without? Check out our online store to purchase some of our most popular items along with some premium items like antler dog chews!
  • Let us know how much your pets LOVE their Cuddle Crate! Share photos on Instagram and Facebook or tweet! Use #CuddleCrate so we can see your happy pets!
  • How about send a friend a Cuddle Crate? Check out the option on our homepage to send someone a gift! Or send a gift to yourself if you simply cannot wait for your Cuddle Crate to arrive or if you want to try us out before signing up!

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