What are people saying about Cuddle Crate!?

Can I review Cuddle Crate for my blog/website/youtube channel?

Yes! We love the opportunity to have our boxes reviewed by different bloggers. We can even set you up with your own unique coupon code to share with your readers and/or watcher. If you are interested in receiving a box for review please contact us at contact@cuddlecrate.com

Why Cuddle Crate?

Cuddle Crate prides itself on offering the most customized pet supply subscription service yet! With our options to mix and match different pet types for silver and gold memberships, grain free options for cats and dogs, and a larger variety of pets to choose from such as small animals and four different breed sizes for dogs, we’re sure you will create the best Cuddle Crate for your four legged family! Other reasons are:

-ALL cat and dog treats are ‘Made in USA’!

-FREE SHIPPING to lower 48 US states and only $5 for shipping to Hawaii and Alaska!

-Online webstore to purchase some of our more popular pet items at competitive prices!

– Monthly AND Bi-Monthly options! Choose to receive a Cuddle Crate every month or if you have a pet that is better at making their toys last, try our bi-monthly option!

-1, 3, 6, and 12 month plans available. Paying a few months at a time can save you BIG with subscription discounts. Up to 34% off savings!

-Premium add-ons available include antler dog chews available!

How will my Cuddle Crate be shipped?

All Cuddle Crates are shipped via USPS Priority Mail or FedEx Ground depending on delivery location.

How can I change my subscription?

Are you looking to change your subscription? Whether you’re changing between monthly and bi-monthly, the size of your box, type of pets, adding a premium add on item or to a 3, 6, or 12 month plan just follow the steps below!

1) Head to the Cuddle Crate homepage
2) Click on ‘My Account’ at the bottom of the page under Customer Service
3)Under ‘My Subscriptions’ you should see your current subscription with
us. In the far right column under ‘actions’, select ‘Switch Subscription’
4) This will take you back to the sign up process that you saw when you
first signed up. Go through this with your new subscription details!

Bronze, Silver, Gold Memberships? Whats the difference?

The main difference between our three membership types are the amount of items you receive and how many pets your Cuddle Crate can go towards!

Bronze Membership: Cuddle Crate will have 4-5 items including toys, treats, and other supplies. All items will be for one type of pet which you select upon signing up. This membership starts at $28 a month (or every other month for Bi-Monthly subscriptions).

Silver Membership: Cuddle Crate will have 6-8 items including toys, treats, and other supplies. All items can either be for one type of pet or the contents can include items for two different types of pets which you can select upon signing up. This membership starts at $39 a month (or every other month for Bi-Monthly subscriptions).

Gold Membership: Cuddle Crate will have 9+ items including toys, treats, and other supplies. All items can either be for one type of pet, can be for two types of pets, or can include items for three different types of pets which you can select upon signing up. This membership starts at $50 a month (or every other month for Bi-Monthly subscriptions).

When will I receive my Cuddle Crate?

All Cuddle Crate subscriptions are shipped out between the 7th and 15th day of the month. Shipping times may vary due to weather, holidays, weekends, and shipping volume. The last day to sign up for any given month is the 25th of the prior month. Please see the below graphic to help explain when you might receive your first Cuddle Crate depending on when you signed up.


Often times we are able to start subscriptions early depending on product availability. To see if this is an option available for your new subscription, please contact us at contact@cuddlecrate.com

If you simply cannot wait for your first Cuddle Crate to arrive, consider purchasing a Cuddle Crate Gift Box on our online store by clicking here!


Are the treats made in the USA? Are they grain free?

ALL of our dog and cat treats are made in the USA and are also 100% corn/soy/wheat free. Most of our small animal treats are made in the USA as well!

What will my Cuddle Crate inlcude?

Each Cuddle Crate includes carefully selected toys, treats, and other essentials for whichever pet type you have selected upon sign up! All our dog and cat treats are made right here in the USA and grain free options are available as well! Bronze Cuddle Crate will receive 4-5 items, Silver Cuddle Crate will receive 6-8 items, and Gold Cuddle Crate will receive 9+ items! Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages for an idea of what an average Cuddle Crate looks like!

Do I want a bi-monthly subscription?

Maybe! Only you and your pets will know for sure! Bi-monthly subscriptions would great for those who have pets that make their toys last a little longer. We hear often from people that they would accumulate large amounts of toys or treats because their pets simply couldn’t use them fast enough! This is where we would recommend the bi-monthly option. With the bi-monthly subscription you will receive your Cuddle Crate every other month and will only be billed the months that you receive a box!

What types of pets does Cuddle Crate cater too?

Currently we offer products for the follow types of animals:

-Tiny dogs (<15lbs)

-Small dogs (15-29lbs)

-Medium dogs (30-55lbs)

-Large dogs (>55lbs)


-Small Animals- Gerbil/Hamster

-Small Animals- Rabbit/Guinea Pig


We are currently researching other types of pets to offer Cuddle Crate too, please follow us on all our social media pages to be the first to know if we begin offering products for other types of pets!

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If we still haven’t answered your question feel free to email us at contact@cuddlecrate.com